Join #30days30waysUK – it’s easy and free – EVERYONE welcome

30days30waysUK BINGO - September is Preparedness Month

Join #30days30waysUK – it’s easy and free – EVERYONE welcome

  1. which contains all the main resources every September
  2. download the bingo PDF or PNG, available from August. Each daily #30days30waysUK topic has a corresponding icon to cross off. That way it is easy and fun to keep track of your personal preparedness progress. All 30 days completed? BINGO!
  3. follow @30days30waysUK and hashtag #30days30waysUK throughout ‘September is Preparedness Month’
  4. access the daily resources shared by partners, follow them to stay updated year round
  5. take part in our annual household preparedness survey 

! TOP TIP: explore the linked resources throughout this website,  dip into our extensive YouTube playlist throughout ‘September is Preparedness Month’

Missed any days ? You can catch up with our fully linked PDF 2021 Calendar #30days30waysUK  and the 2021 twitter master thread or search string. All 2022 catch-up resources go live at the beginning of October.

Feedback and Comments

We hope you chose to provide feedback at the end of the campaign. It helps us to make #30days30waysUK bigger and better every year. Feedback links are now live:

  • for the general audience: public feedback is via our google docs and our household preparedness  survey is hosted by the Northamptonshire LRF
  • for #30days30waysUK partners: feedback is via google docs (quiz) and our discussion forum on Resilience Direct (log in required)

Contribute Positively

Our aim is to empower people from all walks of life to get better prepared for all kinds of emergencies at minimal cost. This needs a lot of positive energy because talking about crises that should never turn into a disaster can be tricky. Fear is a poor motivator, not very useful at inspiring potentially life saving preparatory actions. This is why we use an intuitive, fun bingo game element and a positive psychology approach with humour and a light touch throughout the campaign. Please keep it that way.

  • share posts to help raise awareness
  • like posts when you think they’re good
  • reply to posts sharing your experience or free quality resources

Keep it positive so that everyone can learn and feel welcome and included,#BeKind. Critical feedback is welcome in the right place: please fill out the feedback questionnaire at the end of the campaign or email your queries at Our small, dedicated volunteer team will be in touch as soon as possible.

Trolls will be reported, ignored or blocked to the benefit of all that want to share and learn. Find out more about @ccdhate #Don’tFeedTheTrolls.


  • use the wrong hashtag; in the UK please use the full #30days30waysUK
  • ‘hard sell’ anything! Instead, post links to quality free information and resources only
  • ‘soapbox’ or ‘spam’, no one likes nuisance. Please treat our hashtag #30days30waysUK like an interesting and lighthearted discussion amongst new and old friends rather than just blasting your content. Welcome people, encourage engagement positively.